Legal Considerations



Legal Considerations


The number of automobiles being upgraded with sequential turn signals is growing.  A number of kits are cheaply made and sequence the lights every time they are turned on. This includes the braking and hazard warning functions which is a violation of Title 49 CFR Ch.V Part 571.108.  Awareness of the proper operation is also spreading. It is very easy to spot improper sequencers when the brakes are applied.  As police officers become more informed, they have an excuse for a traffic stop or ticket:

  • Why are your brake lights not operating properly?
  • How did they get that way?
  • What's in your trunk?
  • Can I look inside?
  • ????

If you are rear ended by someone their defense could be:

  • I was confused by the brake lights not working properly and thought the car was turning out of my way until it was too late!
  • I didn't know which way to swerve to avoid the car because both turn signals were going.
  • ETC….They can make up a hundred excuses.

The choice is yours - buy a system that operates properly. If you have an illegally operating system TAKE IT OFF NOW or get one that works properly.  If you know someone with an illegally operating system, tell them about PERFECT FLASH™

Beside looking ridiculous, it is only a matter of time before you are in trouble if you drive with a brake light sequencing system.

Details for the inquisitive.

The following contains links to USA government websites and is offered as a convenience for those that want more details. The content of these external websites is beyond our control and the presence of the links here is not to be construed in any way as providing legal advice.

United States Code Title 49, Subtitle VI Motor Vehicle and Driver Programs, Chapter 301 Motor Vehicle Safety, sets forth the applicable federal laws.

Within the Department of Transportation (DOT) the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for administering Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The standards for vehicle lighting are codified in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Transportation, Chapter V, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Department Of Transportation, Part 571, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Standard No. 108; Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment. (a.k.a. FMVSS571.108).

  • Section S5.1.3 prohibits the installation of any equipment that impairs the effectiveness of required lighting equipment.
  • Section S5.5.4 requires that the stop lamps must be activated upon application of the service brakes.
  • Section S5.5.5 requires all hazard warning signal lamps to flash simultaneously.
  • Section S5.5.10 requires turn signal and hazard lamps to flash. All other lamps must be steady burning.

The NHTSA issues interpretations of the safety standards when requested. The NHTSA has consistently interpreted sections S5.5.4 and S5.5.10 to mean that brake lights must be steady burning and not flash or sequence. This is clearly indicated in their response to K-R industries.

PERFECT FLASH™ sequencers are not certified because there are no requirements that they must meet. Your vehicle already met all of the requirements before it was offered for sale. On the other hand, PERFECT FLASH™ sequencers do not invalidate your vehicles ability to meet it’s original requirements by illegally sequencing the brake and hazard signals.

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