FL-3A Flasher




FL-3A Precision Adjustable Flasher


Can be used in all 1964 to 1970 Mustangs including Shelby and Eleanor models

  • Precision Adjustable Flash Rate
  • Matches sequential light applications
  • Not load dependant
  • Timed for sequential light applications (a little slower than a stock flasher)
  • Stable over wide temperature range
  • Easy Plug-in installation
  • Perfect for Sequencer Upgrades
    • Like Our PERFECT FLASH™ F-60-1Sequencer System
    • Or the F10 DIY modules to make your own

The FL-3A PERFECT FLASH™ Precision Electronic Flasher is for 2 pin applications.  A ground is added for the precision electronic circuit. FL-3A uses a safe and reliable mechanical contactor for precise and snappy flashes.  This is a Perfect Replacement for the mechanical 552 and 552HD flashers.

You will be delighted at the consistency and how well your sequential lights look.

Typical Installation

The flasher resides behind the dash gauge bezel and can be accessed thru the ashtray and radio area.  Reach in and remove the wires from the flasher and plug them onto the FL-3A. Blue to Blue and Orange to Orange. Adjust the flash rate.  Wedge the module as shown in picture 2 so the sound of the flasher click will be heard thru the dash.  The screw, on the right side when reinstalling the ashtray, can capture the ground wire.




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