F60-1 1964-1970




F60-1 Mustang Conversion Kit for 1968 Thunderbird Tail Lights


We have seen the 1968 lamp housings and lenses adapted to 1966 and up mustangs. This kit is set up to plug onto the 1968 style panel as shown and connect to the brake/turn wires that are in a standard non-Shelby mustang. This kit can also be used in the Shelby if the original control unit is removed and the brake/turn wire can be provided for each side of the car. If some other aftermarket lamp housing is used, you may want to purchase the F10 DIY modules and fabricate your own wiring. See the DIY page for the diagram.


The F60-1 kit is two PERFECT FLASH™ modules and a communications link cable integrated into a neat harness that is ready to plug onto the light housing connectors and the brake/turn and ground wires that normally go to the stock taillights.  Everything is custom prepared for a quick and clean installation.

Kit does not include the 1968 Thunderbird panel, housing or lenses.


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