F60-1 Installation




F60-1 Mustang Conversion Kit for 1968 Thunderbird Tail Lights


This kit is plug and play for 1986 thunderbird sequential taillight housings.  The cleanest installation is achieved if the modules and cables are installed between the fiberglass panel and the back of the car. The alternative is to run the cables in the trunk along the top lip of the trunk opening.

Remove the stock tail lamp housings. There will be a colored wire (brake, turn signal) and a black wire (taillights) and a black ground wire with a spade lug connector.  Strip inch of insulation from each of the loose wires and do not remove the spade connector from the black ground wire.


The left harness is the short one. Plug the 5pin PERFECT FLASH™ connector fully onto the lamp housing connector. The ground wire of the housing connector should be attached to the housing with a screw. Drill a small hole (1/8 inch) somewhere in the car body to attach the PERFECT FLASH™ ground wire ring terminal and one lug terminal from the kit. Attach the car ground wire with the spade lug onto the lug terminal. Insert the colored brake light wire into the two screw terminal connector that is connected to the orange wire and secure it with the screw.  Insert the black brake light wire into the two screw terminal connector that is connected to the brown wire and secure it with the screw.  Make sure all the wire strands are captured in the terminal.  Slide the black insulating cover over the terminal block.  Plug one end of the phone cable into the jack on the PERFECT FLASH™ module.

Do the same installation procedure for the right side of the car.  The long cable to the lamp housing can be run inside the trunk area or behind the panel.  When the phone cable is plugged into both modules, the system is ready to operate.

Test the taillights by pulling the parking light switch. If the lights do not light check the grounds and that the black taillight wire is connected to the brown PERFECT FLASH™ wire on each side.
Step on the brakes and all lights should light simultaneously. Left or right signals should start with a solid flash and then sequence until cancelled. Brake lights will never sequence.

A FL-3 or FL-3A flasher is a perfect match for this sequential kit and will make it sequence PERFECTLY!

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