F05-1 Installation




F05-1 Kit for 2005-2009 Mustangs
Sequential Turn Signal System Upgrade to 2010 Operation


Tools Needed:

  1. 7/16 or 11 mm deep well socket or small pliers.
  2. #30 torx bit or small flat blade screwdriver.

Before installing this kit consider purchasing 6 new 4057 tail light bulbs for your car if yours are 3 years old or more. Open the trunk and remove the access panel that covers the tail light area. It is held in place with 6 push in fasteners.  Four of them have centers that pull up and then pull out the fastener. Reverse the process to reinstall.  Two fasteners un-screw with either a small flat blade screwdriver or a #30 torx driver bit. They turn easily to remove and push back in to install.



Unplug the wiring harness connector to each tail light unit. A little tab must be pushed to release the connector halves.  Use a 7/16 or 11mm deep well socket or small pliers to loosen 3 nuts that secure each tail lamp assembly housing.  Remove the three nuts, push the wire harness grommet out of the trunk thru the hole, and carefully remove the light assembly straight back from the car.


Place the tail lamp assembly face down on a towel to protect the surfaces.  Un-twist the lamp sockets (counter clockwise) and pull the harness fastener from the housing. Transfer or install new bulbs in the PERFECT FLASH™ harness. Push the harness fastener into the mounting post on the housing and twist the backup lamp into the small receptacle. Notice the numbers on the back of the lamp housings. Install the number 1 in the inner position, number 2 in the middle and number 3 in the outer position.  Twist each socket fully into place.


Reinstall each housing by sliding the PERFECT FLASH™ module into the trunk hole and then the connector.  Seat the grommet evenly in the hole and then slide the housing back in place. Do each side. Uncoil the phone cable and plug one end into the phone jack on each PERFECT FLASH™ module.  Coil the extra cable and use the wire tie to secure it. Test the brake lights, back up lights, and turn signals before reinstalling the fasteners. If a bulb does not light, check the seating in the socket or the condition of the bulb. Reinstall the lamp housing nuts and then the access panel with its 6 push in fasteners.


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